Today the big event I’ve been waiting for finally took place!

A post called The Non-Euclidean Geometry of Whales went online on Gary Antonick’s blog, Numberplay, at the New York Times. The post includes two puzzles (one easy, one harder) based on a chapter in my book, The Universe in Zero Words. His post has more goodies that I wasn’t expecting, or wasn’t sure of. You can read the whole chapter online, and if you scroll down to the very end you can read a Q+A in which I talk about my favorite formulas in the book and offer my opinion on which little-known equation deserves to be better known.

The interview actually was a little bit of a surprise to me. Back in June, when I first contacted Antonick and submitted a couple of puzzle ideas to him, he asked me these questions by e-mail. I answered them and then kind of forgot about it. So when I read the article today, I had a feeling of, “Oh, yeah, I did say that, didn’t I?” Fortunately, I still agree with everything I said.

All in all, I am more than pleased at the coverage in the New York Times. It goes above and beyond any recommendation I could possibly have asked for. I hope that Gary’s readers will enjoy the puzzles! If anybody who read about the book in the New York Times should happen to visit this page, I hope you’ll say hello. (Or go to the book’s Facebook page and leave a comment there.)

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