Time for another Goodreads giveaway! From Tuesday, May 21 through Friday, June 7, you can go to www.goodreads.com and enter to win a free copy of my latest book, What’s Happening in the Mathematical Sciences. I’m offering three free copies. Last summer I had a give-away promotion for The Universe in Zero Words that attracted more than 500 entries. I’m not expecting that many entries this time, because WHIMS is more of a small-press book. (The publisher is the American Mathematical Society). But that means your odds of winning are better!

I’m going to copy a widget below that should take you directly to the give-away page. But if it doesn’t work, go to Goodreads and click on the arrow “explore” in the menu bar at the top of the screen. Scroll down to “giveaways.” Then, when you get to the Giveaways screen, click on “Recently Listed” and you should be able to find my book.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

What's Happening in the Mathematical Sciences by Dana Mackenzie

What’s Happening in the Mathematical Sciences

by Dana Mackenzie

Giveaway ends June 07, 2013.

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at Goodreads.

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