The publication date for my newest book, The Universe in Zero Words, has now been moved up to April 29 (previously it was scheduled for release in May). As I’m sure you’ve noticed already, this website has lots of information about the book, including some exclusive excerpts. Click here to read the dust jacket copy or to browse the excerpts, or here for a more informal account of how I came to write it.

In brief, The Universe in Zero Words is a history of the 24 greatest equations in mathematics and science … and a lot of other things: the people who discovered them, what the equations mean, why they are important to our lives, etc. That’s my “elevator pitch” for the book.

My even shorter explanation, in only two words, is “demystifying equations.” I want to help the readers see past the mist [oooh… bad pun… sorry!] of obscurity that surrounds equations and understand that they are in fact the simplest, most economical — and often most beautiful — ways of expressing our knowledge of the universe.

I’ve already done an interview on Radio Australia to promote The Universe in Zero Words, and I hope to line up some more events soon. Please come back to this site for more updates!

The Universe in Zero Words can be pre-ordered from or directly from the publisher, Princeton University Press. It is also available as an e-book.

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