Here is a chronological list of reviews of The Book of Why that I know about. Readers are invited to send me any that I have missed.

  • New York Times, “The Book of Why” Examines the Science of Cause and Effect, 6/1/2018. This was our first serious, in-depth review in a major publication. It’s extremely positive; some of my friends even call it a “rave review.” In my opinion the reviewer, Jonathan Knee, does not do a lot of raving but for the most part describes the book in a just-the-facts tone that is appropriate for the review’s location in the business section. My favorite quote from the review: “The Professor Pearl who emerges from the pages of The Book of Why brims with the joy of discovery and pride in his students and colleagues.” That wasn’t an accident. It took work to bring the joy of discovery onto the printed page.
  • New York Times, New and Noteworthy, 5/9/2018. Not really a review, this was just a notice of the upcoming publication. So far it’s the only article to mention Judea’s son. (Google “Daniel Pearl” if you want to know the story.) The Book of Why is not a memoir but a scientific treatise, so Daniel is mentioned only very obliquely in a couple of places in our book.
  • Nature, Books in Brief, 5/9/2018. Continuing the family theme (even though it has nothing to do with our book), I can’t help mentioning that this issue of Nature also mentions my nephew, Matthew Trusheim. See the article, What Are the Limits of Manipulating Nature?
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