To my Goodreads friends, my Facebook friends, and anyone else who might read this:

The Facebook page for my book, The Universe in Zero Words, has now gotten 25 “likes,” which means it is 83 percent of the way to 30 “likes.” If I reach that milestone, according to Facebook, I would “get access to insights about my activity.” I don’t know exactly what this means, but I’m curious. If you feel like liking something, please consider liking my book!

Also, if any of you have any suggestions or insights about what I can do to make the Facebook page more effective, I’d appreciate it! I’m still pretty new, as I’m sure a lot of authors are, to the whole “social marketing” game. I’ve been using this page to provide links to reviews of my book and also interviews, podcasts, and other events. Is there anything else that I can do?

This morning, I checked to see how many “likes” other books have gotten on Facebook. This really shows the wide variability of social marketing:

Do nonfiction books even need Facebook pages? What do you think?


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