The Capitola Book Cafe hosted “Moon and a Mocha,” a community science event. I showed clips from the episode of “The Universe” that I appeared in, and talked about some of the science that didn’t get in the show. As it turned out, the audience was much more interested in hearing me talk about the Moon than watching the DVD! After the talk was done, some members of the Santa Cruz Astronomy Club set up telescopes and we looked at the gibbous Moon and Mars, which was extremely close to the Moon that night.

[Note added 4/18/2012: The episode of “The Universe” mentioned here was called “The Moon,” and it was based in large part on my book The Big Splat, or How Our Moon Came to Be. I like to tell people that watching the episode was like watching the Hollywood version of my book! Here is a list of the Season 1 episodes of “The Universe,” which for some reason omits the original air date of “The Moon” (it was 6/26/2007).]

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