[See also the Books page for The Universe in Zero Words, published by Princeton University Press, a history of 24 great equations in mathematics and science.]

[See also the Books page for What’s Happening in the Mathematical Sciences, published by the American Mathematical Society, a series of roughly biennial books that survey recent developments in all branches of math.]

My academic training was in mathematics, so it is not surprising that many of my popular articles are about mathematics. Even the articles I write about other sciences (physics, earth science, planetary science, etc.) often have a little bit of “stealth math” in them. That is a phrase coined by K.C. Cole, a longtime science writer for the Los Angeles Times, who loved writing about mathematics but often found that her readers would appreciate math better if they didn’t realize it was mathematics!

This page, however, links to my articles that aren’t “stealth math” but overt mathematics. Because there are a lot of them, I’ll split them into categories. Follow the links below to:

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