Chess Lectures

Since October 2006, I have been recording chess videos regularly for This is a subscription website, where you can listen to lessons from a whole team of strong players, including grandmasters Eugene Perelshteyn and Jesse Kraai.

Video lectures are the best way to learn chess that I have seen yet. I have trouble reading chess books; they tend to put me to sleep. With a video, you can get inside the mind of a master and see how he thinks. And you don’t have to keep looking back and forth between a board and a book. You can keep your attention focused on the board.

There are other websites with video lectures, but I think that ChessLecture offers a more uniform standard of high quality. Unfortunately I cannot provide links to my individual lectures here, because ChessLecture is a subscription site. What I can do is provide capsule descriptions of my lectures.

If you are a CL subscriber, you can also view a list of all my lectures there. However, the ChessLecture website will only tell you the title of the lecture. If you’d like to find out what is actually “inside” the lectures before you listen, this is the only place! CL subscribers can also purchase DVD’s of my recordings from the CL website, and eventually you may even be able to order them here.

(Note: At present I only have descriptions of the lectures through June 2009. I will post the others eventually, but it will take a while. As they say, when I get a Round Tuit.)

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