Chess Lectures from 2006

Date Run Time Name and Description
10/20/2006 54:33 Nuke the Sicilian! How to Sac Your Queen on Move Six and Win

In my first lecture for ChessLecture, I present the game with International Master David Pruess where I first played the Bryntse Gambit. I also explain five principles to playing the variation successfully.

11/1 52:20 Nuke the Sicilian, Part II

I continue the series by showing two games with the computer that helped me understand the ideas behind the Bryntse Gambit. One game against Fritz 9, one against Crafty 19.19.

11/17 48:12 How to Save Lost Games (Sometimes)

A favorite game from 1994, where I managed to draw against International Master Timothy Taylor in spite of being three pawns behind. In this game I first grasped the principle that in a losing position you should look for small ways to improve your position, not try to save the game all at once.

12/4 12:51 The Hook and Ladder Trick

A neat little tactical trick that remains surprisingly little known, perhaps because it didn’t have a catchy name. Now it does! This was my first attempt at a really short lecture, and apparently it worked because it is one of my most popular lectures!

12/15 44:56 Computer Chess: 24 Years Ago Versus Today

A game I played against Belle, the world computer chess champion, in 1983. I compare its analysis with that of Fritz, currently one of the world’s best commercially available chess programs. Conclusion: Belle and Fritz aren’t very different! Fritz just runs on better hardware.

12/29 39:34 King’s Gambit Accepted: A Model Game for White

Some ideas on how to play the Bishop’s Variation of the King’s Gambit, using a 1992 game between Grandmaster Heikki Westerinen and Jukka Pakkanen as a guide. This opening is a favorite of mine.

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