Climate Change

This page provides references and capsule descriptions of my recent articles on climate change.

Cold Equations. Science, 3 April 2009, p. 32.

One of the least understood factors in climate change is sea ice, which can mysteriously switch from a permeable to an impermeable state and back. Ken Golden’s equations explained it as a composite of brine and water… and led him on a life-threatening journey to the Antarctic.

Mathematics of Climate Change, published by the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, 2008.

This is a 28-page, four-color booklet that was based on a conference held at MSRI in April 2007. Climate change could be the most important scientific problem of our time. How can mathematicians get involved? Read and find out! I believe that printed copies are no longer available, but you can click on the link to download a PDF.

Mathematicians Confront Climate ChangeSIAM News, June 2007, 1.

A symposium on climate change at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, in Berkeley, CA, asks what contributions mathematicians can make towards understanding the process of climate change and finding solutions to the problem of global warming.

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